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                                                      BY BILL JUNEAU   

                                 With unrelenting screams of racism, and a disregard for what is fair and right, today's woke system of justice has taken down three Minneapolis policemen for "abetting" their senior officer in the unintended murder of George Floyd, a drug addict and a hardened criminal with a long record.  

                        Two of the three policemen were rookies, and one of them had been a patrolman for just four days. 

                        Derek Chauvin, was the fourth and the senior officer at the scene of the Floyd arrest back on May 25, 2020. Chauvin was a street-smart  police veteran with 19 years on the Minneapolis force.  He has been convicted of the unintentional second degree murder and manslaughter of Floyd in a circus-like trial and has begun serving a sentence of 22 years and six months in  prison. 

                       His appeal is pending and some legal scholars are  predicting that higher courts may yet order a new trial for him based upon the prejudicial venue and judicial error which dominated his five-week trial before an unsequestered jury in Minneapolis. 

                            The three officers accused of aiding Chauvin in the second degree murder of the African American Floyd, have been found guilty of victimizing and violating his civil rights. Recently, Federal Judge Paul Magnuson sentenced Officers J. Alexander Kueng, 28, who is black, to three years in prison,  and Tou Nmn Thau, 36,  who is Hmong American, to 42 months behind bars. Thomas Lane, 38, was sentenced to 30 months. The three officers still face state charges of abetting the murder, but it is presumed that if found guilty their sentences will run concurrently with the punishments assigned for the civil rights violations. 

                             After Chauvin wrestled the muscular, six-foot, four -inch Floyd to the pavement, Lane and Kueng helped hold him down; and Tou Thau concentrated on controlling the gathering crowd. 

                              Lane, the police rookie of four days, was sentenced to jail in spite of the fact that he tried, but was unsuccessful in persuading his mentor, Officer Chauvin, to turn Floyd onto his side; and later Lane attempted to revive him using CPR. The judge noted in his sentencing remarks that he had received 145 letters of support for Tom Lane and that he "had never" received so many letters on behalf of a defendant.  He then went on to fault the Minneapolis police department for sending him and rookie Koenig  on the call that ended with George Floyd's death. 

                              Judge Magnuson's comments made little sense in light of his outrageous and undeserved sentencing of Lane, Kueng and Thau, but was heralded by Black Lives Matter and the far left media for his coming down hard on police racism and white supremacy.   

                              The woke-minded and maleable judge went on to say that Officer Lane should have jumped upon Chauvin and thrown him aside so as to free Floyd. "Mr. Lane, this is a very serious offense, in which a life was lost,"  asserted Judge Magnuson. "The fact that you did not get up and remove Mr. Chauvin when Mr. Floyd become unconscious is a violation of the law." 

                                Earl Grey, Tom Lane's attorney, said that  "Officer Lane did everything he could possibly do to help George Floyd.  He had suggested rolling Floyd onto his side so he could breathe more easily,  but was rebuffed twice by Chauvin."  At one point, Lane actually performed CPR in an effort to revive Mr. Floyd.  

                                "Any reasonable person should just be disgusted --should be infuriated  that Lane was ever charged," Grey said.  Lane's conviction and sentence to prison will be appealed to a higher court.

                                 Reviewing courts have a lot on their plates. The sins of the four policemen could well wind up for a final decision by Supreme Court justices, given the many constitutional questions and violations which defendant lawyers have raised. 

                                   During the Chauvin trial, physicians differed as to the cause of Floyd's death. The amount of fentanyl in his system, along with the fact that his main arteries were almost completely blocked was enough to cause his brain to become deprived of oxygen and blood. Chauvin had held his knee to the neck of the muscular Floyd for almost nine minutes, but that action, had there been no Fentanyl and no blocked arteries, would not have deprived the brain of needed life-sustaining elements in the opinions of some physicians. 

                                  While detained by Officer Chauvin's knee on his neck, Floyd was heard saying that "I can't breathe."   However, when police first confronted Floyd, he was gulping pills and making the same complaint that he could not breath.     

                                    Policemen Lane, Kuneg and Thau took orders from their senior officer.  Chauvin made use of a knee-on-neck technique taught all officers and recruits in the Minneapolis police academy. The technique is not uncommon in controlling addicts and other suspects, and is used by many police departments throughout the country

                           Sending these three officers to prison is a miscarriage of justice in a country which insists on justice for everyone.  Appeals by the policemen to the state and federal courts could go on for several years.  










Wednesday, July 13, 2022



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                                                        BY BILL JUNEAU 

                                                    After about 10 months of investigations and a 511-page report, Americans have been told that four mounted border control agents had not "whipped" Haitians attempting to climb onto USA soil at Del Rio, Texas.  

                                   The allegations that the horsemen assigned to protect the border had mistreated Haitians as they splashed about in the shoreline water was an illusion and a concoction.  But to save the wrinkled and discombobulated face of their boss in the Oval office, it was determined that the agents had been nasty in their rhetoric as they yelled at the lawbreakers--and that some discipline is in store for them.  

                                    After the reported "whipping" of the black-faced  Haitians, an angry President Biden promised that "they will pay" for their "outrageous" conduct.  Vice President Harris added to the puddle of nonsense by likening the agents on horseback to white bullying of African Americans during days of slavery. 

                                    The incident occurred last September after some 15,000 Haitians had assembled under and around the Del Rio International Bridge over the Rio Grande river as huge numbers waded across the water, pawing their way onto American soil.  At least four border control agents were on horseback and  were blocking easy entry onto the Texas land.  Many thousands did get across the river, and simply dodged all agents and ultimately found their way to some unknown destination in one of the states.  Very likely, some were porting fentanyl and other illegal drugs for dissemination and sale to Americans.  

                                      As mounted horsemen used their reins to control horse movements, films and photos were taken.  The reins moved about by the policemen on horseback were construed to be leather "whips" being brought down with malice on the Haitians.  The deceptive films were widely distributed by the media and the mounted policemen were portrayed as cruel, race-hating monsters. 

                                       Biden was on television with his  tethered media friends from CNN, NBC, MSNBC, CBS and elsewhere castigating the agents.  "I promise you that they will pay," said the angry and bumbling  79-year-old Biden.  "Their conduct was  outrageous, and there will be consequences.  There will be an investigation and they will pay."

                                        As he fumed and played to his democratic friends who endorse open borders, there had been no investigation of the incident and his comments made no sense.  What he demonstrated again was that he is a President who is "at sea" in doing his job. The President should have considered that the agents  had not done anything wrong and were simply doing the job on horseback which they had been called upon to do, so as to stop illegal immigration. An investigation would ultimately tell the story of what had happened.  And it did and the President should now  apologize to the border agents

                                         Over the past 18 months of the Biden presidency, and after Biden signaled to the world to "Com'on in," more than 2 million immigrants have come into the USA.  There has not been a word from President Biden about the illegal  immigration which is in violation of laws that he supported as a senator from Delaware. Setting new standards for an administration, huge  amounts of fentanyl and other illegal drugs are rolling into the USA arranged by  criminals and traffickers of children and women,  supervised by the Mexican Cartels who are said to be fully in charge at America's border with Mexico.     

                                         While the lengthy report found that the whipping of Haitians had never occurred, it ascertained that there had been harsh rhetoric used by agents while yelling at the law breakers. In one case, a horseman was said to have told a Haitian that he should go back to his "s..." of a country. 

                               This rhetoric and use of the horses constituted "unnecessary force," according to the Customs and Border Protection unit of the Department of Homeland Security which authored the report.  Four mounted agents will be disciplined, although the precise punishment has not yet been determined, said  Homeland Security Secretary, Cuban born Alejandro Mayorkas.  Speculation is that the agents will be suspended without pay for a period of time.   

                                           Should President Biden apologize for his thoughtless denunciation of the horsemen who were carrying out their assignment of protecting the borders of the United States pursuant to federal and state statutes. We know that some time ago, President Biden called a Fox News reporter a "stupid son of a bitch."  He made no public apology for that,  but reportedly telephoned the newsman and offered his apology, noting that he simply did not mean it. 

                                           Congressman Ronny Jackson of Texas, a physician who served as the White House doctor under Presidents Obama and Trump from 2013 to 2018,  has said that Joe Biden " is cognitively impaired.....does not know what he is doing.. and should not be President....and is dangerous."  In a letter to him, signed by some 22 other congressmen,  Rep. Jackson has called upon him to submit to a cognitive examination. President Trump had been hounded by the hostile news media to take a cognitive examination.  He did and passed with a perfect score. Biden has never responded to the Jackson letter and reportedly has never been asked about it by White House newsmen. 

                                          Sen. Rick Scott of Florida has repeatedly called upon Biden to resign.  In a televised appearance, Scott said: 

                                          " Let's be honest here.  Joe Biden is unwell.  He's unfit for office.  He's incoherent, incapacitated and confused.  He doesn't know where he is half the time.  He's incapable of leading and he's incapable of carrying out his duties-- period.  Everyone knows it.  No one is willing to say it, but we have to for the sake of the country.  Joe Biden can't do the job." 

                                           Biden owes an apology to the border control officers for his baseless condemnation of them. His conduct gives additional credence to Sen. Scott's assessment.                                                 


Thursday, May 12, 2022


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                                     BY BILL JUNEAU

                                Back in the 1950s, the United States engaged in a cold war with Russia and was often castigated by Russian President Nikita Khrushchev for its capitalism.  In the end, Khrushchev promised, "we will bury you."

                               In more of the same rhetoric,  Khrushchev predicted that "your children's children will live under communism. You Americans are so gullible. No, you won't accept communism outright; but, we will keep feeding you small doses of socialism until you will finally wake up and find you already have Communism."

                                He was explosive and on occasion would pound a table with his shoe as he derided America.  There were the so-called "kitchen debates" in which he would outline the remarkable accomplishments of Communism, and criticize U.S. policies.  But  then on one occasion, he turned a different shade of  "red," when Vice President Nixon told him that a time will come when Russian children will live in freedom.  

                                As the years and decades passed, America grew and prospered and cemented its place as the greatest nation on the planet.  Limping along, Russia has continued with its disapprobation of the USA, but saw the end of its iron curtain domination, while maintaining its gulags and authoritarian rule.  Currently, it is attacking its neighbor, Ukraine, but, with massive help to Ukraine from  the USA and other NATO members, its ultimate victory may never happen.      

                               When Nikki Haley was serving as U. S. Ambassador to the United Nations under President Trump, she expressed concerns about encroaching socialism inside the USA, and on occasion, referenced the nasty comments of Khrushchev. Perhaps, she was reminded of the threat of socialism because of the bellowing of Sen. Bernie Sanders and his drumbeat for socialism and communism, which he admired in Scandinavia and Russia.

                                  Sanders probably never knew Khrushchev who died in 1971, but there is no question that he is an admirer of Marxism, Socialism and Communism as his hope for the future for the United States.  Always a critic of Ronald Reagan, Bernie Sanders campaigned for the Socialist Workers Party in the 1980 and 1984 presidential campaigns and was investigated by the FBI for his ties to the Marxist group.

                                  In 1988, Sanders, then mayor of Burlington, Vermont,  and his new wife, Jane, honeymooned in the Soviet Union and upon return had only laudatory comments about the Communist country.  So exuberant was Sanders about his visit to Russia, that critics charged that his behavior was on the edge of full-fledged collusion.  Other  Americans questioned his patriotism and his negative stance toward capitalism, and referred to him as "Bolshevik Bernie."

Several days ago, there was news that the bombastic Vermont Senator and critic of capitalism had told friends that he is  considering making another run for President in 2024.  Sanders will turn 81 in September of this year and will be 83 in 2024. He's  pushing for a "democratic revolution."  He just will not go away. 

                         When he ran for President in 2016 and again in 2020, America got a full taste of his oratory and plans to create a no-borders socialist country with free medical care and schooling for everyone-- citizens and non-citizens, legals and illegals. Under President Biden, they are today receiving a preview of what the full package would be under Sanders. 

                          He has a distinctive style as he pushes his anti-American rhetoric.  He flaps both arms up and down as he speaks, with his white hair plastered down on his balding head. He looks and acts much like a a maestro conducting a symphony orchestra.  Bring on the music, says Sanders, as he now is preparing to begin squeezing new donations from the hoi polloi who buy into his liberal nonsense about the United States, where he earns a big salary as a member of Congress, with perks, and has a net worth in the millions.     

                         Hillary Clinton called him a "doofus" when he ran against her for President, but he got even by accusing her in a debate of being a money-hungry phony in the pocket of Wall Street.  Hillary got the nomination as Democratic standard bearer in 2016, and went down in flames, and Bernie returned to his seat as an Independent U.S. Senator from Vermont.                            .  

                            Born of Jewish parents, and bar mitzvahed, Sanders was graduated with a political science degree from the University of Chicago in 1964.  At the university,  one of the most liberal colleges in the country, Sanders was an organizer of the Congress of Racial Equality  and the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee and the Student Peace Union.  He was a screaming regular at protests against the Viet Nam war and was arrested on at least one occasion  

                             When Uncle Sam sent him a draft notice, he said he was a conscientious objector and refused to wear a military uniform.  He did not seek an exemption for religious reasons since his belief in God is questionable. Instead, he pleaded that he was a pacifist who opposed all wars, regardless of who started it. He argues in his maestro style that he is fit to serve as Commander in Chief of the nation's military forces, but it is doubtful that ex-GIs and other "America First" citizens want that type in the White House.

                          Sanders wants to transform the USA into an Eden-like-paradise which will provide virtually unlimited freebies for everyone, legal and illegal.  Also, in Sanders' America, all jailed felons will be permitted to vote in elections,  even those convicted of major crimes such as the Marathon bomber of Massachusetts.                  

                         The wealthy one per-cent--- millionaires and billionaires--- will be made to start paying their fair share of the taxes, explains Sanders, who dodges all concern that socialism could  eventually bankrupt and bring down America as it did to the once strong and prosperous Venezuela.   

                             Climate change, asserts Sanders, is the nation's greatest threat.  With President Biden following the Sanders script,  the push today is for a so-called "Green New Deal" which  calls for the retrofitting of every home and building in the USA with energy drawn from windmills. No more airplanes, only electric cars with 500,000 charging stations dotting the highways.   

                             Sanders' top lieutenant for the transformation into a socialist paradise is Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, 32, a former New York bartender who speaks of bridges everywhere, even to Hawaii. The whole project will probably cost some $20 trillion as start up money, but then who's counting, not Sanders, not with all those  millionaires and billionaires coughing up "their fair share."                       

                           Sanders  was in the House of Representatives for 16 years until 2007 when he was elected to the Senate. As a congressman,  he was the lead sponsor of only one bill that became law--that being the renaming of a Fair Haven, Vermont post office. 

                            Maybe it is time for "Bolshevik Bernie" to retire from Congress, take his enormous pensions, and move his fancy residences to Russia and Denmark.  This would allow the United States to continue as the greatest nation in the world, sans Sanders and his anti-American rhetoric.   



Friday, May 6, 2022


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                                       BY BILL JUNEAU

                                                       As the law stands today in the United States,  a pregnant woman is entitled to obtain an abortion at her request, at any time and for any reason.  So permissive is the existing federal law that a woman can call for and receive an abortion and the killing of her kicking fetus as she is being wheeled into the delivery room from her hospital bed.

                                      Ending the life of the fetus in those final moments before the head leaves the womb is considered "murder" by millions, but under current federal law, late term abortions are legal and proper. 

                                      In 1973,  the U.S. Supreme Court in Roe v. Wade, concluded that abortions are no longer forbidden, and henceforth will be allowed with  Constitutional protection.  The Constitution is deemed to recognize  a woman's "right to choose" what happens to her own body.  

                                   Lost in the hysteria is the fact that the current debate about the existence of Roe v Wade is not really about outlawing abortion, it is more of a legalistic ruling about whether abortion should be a constitutional right or a state protected right. For right to lifers, the overthrow of the decision is unlikely to provide complete satisfaction.

                                       The Roe decision has always been divisive in the United States. One side celebrated freedom for a woman to get pregnant, and the ability to abort the developing baby at anytime, if so desired. Other millions believe that life begins at conception, and that abortion amounts to murder. In the following 49 years, 63 million abortions were performed in America, but not without public outcries and the bombing of abortion clinics. 

                                       Some states have enacted legislation setting  time, place and manner checks on the performance of abortions, but other states like Illinois, New York, California, Maine, Vermont, Virginia  and Rhode Island have ignored meaningful restrictions. The lack of restrictions allow these states to provide abortion "safe havens," for mothers wanting termination of their pregnancy without any slowing of the procedure.  

                                        The controversy and dissent over abortions has simmered for decades, occasionally boiling over as it is now, with the nine justices of the  Supreme Court revisiting the Roe v. Wade opinion which had always been the target of scholarly legal criticism.   

                                         Just days ago, the controversy erupted with a new explosion of headlines and on-air comments and chatter on  social networks after a draft opinion of the case under analysis was leaked to the media.

                                         Though not representing the final disposition of the matter, the draft shot down the Roe v. Wade decision as "egregiously wrong from the start."  The 87-page draft also contained a lengthy analysis as to why abortions have no genesis in the Constitution and it ordered that the question of abortions be addressed in the future by individual states.   

                                          The draft opinion, which apparently had been stolen by a clerk to one of the justices and given to Politico, a media company, had been written by Justice Samuel Alito, a conservative member of the court. 

                                           The contention among justices is that the draft was misappropriated  by a person or persons with access to the the guarded halls of the court and the judges' chambers.  Each of the nine Supreme Court justices have four clerks, and some secretaries, and typists.  The job of clerk to a Supreme Court justice is a coveted one and their access to draft opinions and conversations is acceptable and trusted. 

                                          Chief Justice John Roberts has ordered an investigation with directions that the person or party responsible for the theft of the draft opinion be identified and punished as appropriate.  Roberts described the purloining of the draft opinion as an "egregious betrayal of trust."  It is the first time for such a betrayal in 250 years, the chief justice said. 

                                           The 1973 opinion in Roe v. Wade was written by the late Justice Harry Blackmun, and adopted in a 7 to 2 vote. Dissenting were  Chief Justice William Rehnquist and Associate Justice Byron White.

                                            The Roe court recognized that the word "abortion" is not mentioned in the constitution, but found that it was an issue which could be addressed by a woman who possessed a "right to choose."  The "right to choose" was said to be implicit in the right of privacy which all citizens possess, and while not specifically stated, is contained in the first 10 amendments.  One legal professor has said that the court saw the privacy right as existing in the "arching penumbra" of the Bill of Rights which grants basic rights to all Americans.  

                                             In other cases which followed Roe, the rights allowing for an abortion were said to exist pursuant to the word "liberty" in the 14th amendment. In his draft, Justice Alito also analyzed and dismissed the "liberty" argument as a  reason to allow abortions under the U.S Constitution. 

                                            Reportedly, radical abortion supporters are going to the private homes of the justices on the court who they presume will endorse the draft from Justice Alito. Their conduct is grossly improper and a violation of law, and  police will be on hand to arrest participants breaking the law.  

                                             Chief Justice Roberts also has emphasized  that the draft opinion is not the opinion of the court.  The final decision and the final opinion is expected to be announced in late June or July. He said also that the commotion which has occurred will not interfere or influence the court's analysis and final opinion. 




Friday, April 29, 2022


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                                        BY BILL JUNEAU                                                     Here in the USA, news about Elon Musk and his  takeover of Twitter is dominating the airways and headlines. The  crash of CNN's new offshoot, dubbed "CNN-Plus" is passing with little public attention, only with  sobs from woke journalists.    

                                 It was promoted by the station to be the evolution of video news and the start of a new era for the company. Three-hundred new employees were hired and 150,000 persons signed on as subscribers, willing to pay a monthly fee for whatever new progressive  programming would be streamed their way.  It was projected that a billion dollars eventually would be injected into the program and in the end CNN would be reigning strong among cable news stations. 

                                "CNN-Plus" went down in flames after 30 days of "streaming."  In the purest possible rhetoric, it was a disaster, and there were words of concern from dopey anchors, Joy Reid and Don Lemon.  CNN's Lemon said that it failed because it ran into  "identity" problems---which apparently must have something to do with racism.   To others behind a mike, maybe it was Elon Musk's shadow.  MSNBC's Reid saw Musk involvement and asserted that  the celebrated white billionaire grew up in South Africa and continues to embrace apartheid.

                                  All in all, it is kind of amusing.  CNN dreamers commenced planning for "CNN-Plus" last July.  It would provide  viewers more woke and marxist theories, and would drive a stake into the heart of its principal cable news competitor, Fox News.  Last December, it hired Chris Wallace away from Fox News and he was to be sort of the captain of the liberal extravaganza.  "CNN-Plus" went into operation on March 29, and by April 30, had quietly crashed and burned.

                                  In terms of ratings and popularity among cable  viewers, Fox News is pummeling CNN.  On the world stage, Elon Musk has acquired Twitter and promises free and uncensored chatter on the social network;  and that is bad news for CNN.  But hey, while billionaire Musk probably considers CNN as a worthless and dishonest purveyor of news,  he most likely had nothing to do with the cessation of "CNN-Plus."  No evidence from Reid or Lemon that he "cancelled it."   

                                   The far left station is crawling and begging for viewers and had hyped "CNN-Plus" as the progressive way of the future. It was charging subscribers $6 per month.  Now, with its failure, it is returning the money on a prorated basis.  Also, scores of the 300 recruits got pink slips and a token check, and Chris Wallace is walking the plank.  

                                   Wallace, 74,  who was the streaming guru, now finds himself in some sort of limbo.  In an interview a few days ago, he said that he was a "victim" and he didn't know what caused the ship it to go down.  Too many rival ideas, he said,  and "I don't know who was right and who was wrong."  Displaying emotion and maybe even a few tears, he said that he did not know where he would end up, but wherever that is, "I will be okay." It is doubtful that he would ask Fox News to take him back, and even more doubtful that the station would be willing to do so. But then, his return cannot be ruled out.  

                                    Also out at CNN is Jeff Zucker, 57, its president for the past nine years, and the station heavy behind the ill-fated "CNN-Plus" .  It was Zucker who promoted it with its liberal  agenda and progressive appeal, and he importuned Wallace, a registered Democrat,  to leave his spot at Fox News in favor of the "new adventure." Wallace's liberal views paralleled those of  Zucker's, and colleagues at Fox News and its viewers were said to be pleased with his exit since they saw him as two-faced,  masquerading as a down-the-middle journalist,     

.                                    Zucker's way of covering the news focused on regular denouncing of white Republicans as racists, supremacists, and liars.  Not a day passed in which anchors and staffers failed to paint former President Trump as a racist and a xenophobe  and a puppet of Russian  President Vladimir Putin. Chris Wallace was on board with all of that.  He was perfect as Zucker's main engineer.   

                                      The CNN story is that Zucker resigned because of pressure brought over his in-house romance with station Vice President Allison Gollust, in violation of house rules.  Other reasons circulating about his "reluctant" resignation is that his incompetency and poor decision making, which has brought  CNN  sewer level ratings among news stations, could no longer be tolerated. 

                                       Zucker has been replaced at CNN as President by CBS'  Chris Licht, who is considered a top TV newsman and producer.  He has been credited with "retooling"  the Stephen Colbert show, and making it into a hit.   Also he created "Morning  Joe" on MSNBC.  "Morning Joe"  is Joe Scarborough, a former republican congressman from Florida.  Licht reportedly had a hand in  remaking Joe into a noisy Donald Trump-hating Democrat.   

                                          Behind the curtain at Fox, it was said that the mush-mouthed Chris Wallace was green eyed over the popularity of Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham.  While Wallace was tweaking President Trump, Hannity, Carlson and Ingraham were pointing to his accomplishments and the good job that he was doing. There was strong applause when he exited Fox, took off the mask and signed on as a woke journalist at  CNN.   

                                          In leaving Fox last December,  Wallace said on his Sunday morning show that he looked forward to a "new adventure," but in private comments, he has been quoted as saying that he was happy that he would never have to spend another elevator ride with that sociopath, Tucker Carlson. His return to Fox where he spent 18 years as a reporter and anchor is not anticipated. More than likely, he will wind up with a microphone alongside Reid or Lemon where he can be himself, castigating Republicans as supremacists and racists, while praising the Biden administration's spending and open border policies. 







Tuesday, April 19, 2022


for fb.jpg

                                    BY BILL JUNEAU                               

                                   Where is Hunter Biden's computer, the machine which allegedly tells the story of Hunter's debauchery and corruption and which involves his father, identified as "The Big Guy"?  

                                   Apparently, the incriminating laptop is in the hands of the FBI,  being examined by experts in its elite cyber division. However, the assistant director of that division, Bryan Vorndran, doesn't know that, or more likely he does know, but isn't telling. His peculiar recalcitrance was the gist of his recent testimony before Congress seeking information about the laptop and the President's drug-addicted son.  

                                    "Astonishing," said Congressman Matt Goetz in assessing testimony from the 19-year FBI veteran who was installed as the key man in the bureau's cyber  division in March of last year.  He had been the special agent in charge of the New Orleans Field Office. 

                                   Was Vorndran testifying under oath, and, if so, is he flirting with possible perjury charges and for lying to Congress?  Is he a part of an FBI cartel which has allied itself with, and marches to the drumbeat of the Democratic party?  Is he a fan of former FBI  Agent Peter Strzok who was fired for savaging Donald Trump in email messages he exchanged with his paramour, also an agent, as he cheered for the election of Hillary Clinton?    

                                     Agent Vorndran's appearance was before the  Judiciary committee of the U.S. House of Representatives which is charged with maintaining  "oversight" of the FBI which is the investigative arm of the Department of Justice. 

                          After Florida Rep. Goetz put the question to Vorndran, the witness said that he did not know the answer to that question. "Sir," said the neatly-dressed Vorndran, "I'm not here to talk about the laptop. I'm here to talk about the FBI's cyber program". 

                              Visibly irritated, Gaetz clenched his teeth and dug in.  

                              Mr. Vorndran, Gaetz fired back,  "you are the assistant director of the FBI cyber division.  I want to know where Hunter Biden's laptop is. Where is it?"  The computer was given to the FBI and the bureau receipted for it more than two years ago. So, "Where is it," he repeated. 

                             Congressman Goetz, Vorndran replied, " I don't know the answer to your question," adding that he would refer the inquiry to other senior agents at FBI headquarters.  

                              Although Goetz wanted answers to the whereabouts of the tell-all machine, he advised the committee that he is in possession of a copy of its hard drive. He formally moved that it be admitted as part of the Congressional Record before the 41- member committee, and the Democrat chairman, Jerrold "Fat Jerry" Nadler, promptly denied the request.  Later, however, when the agitated Republican Goetz persisted in his demand, Rep. Nadler did a U-turn and agreed. 

                              Through past months and years, news stories have appeared referencing computer messages written by Hunter along with videos of him in compromising settings.  On one video, Hunter is reportedly pictured in an acid sleep,  partially clothed and lying on a bed with a crank pipe hanging from his mouth. 

                                Many U.S. senators, particularly those who are Republican, and former President Trump, and Trump's  personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, believe that the contents of the Hunter computer demonstrate corruption involving members of the Biden family, including President Biden, and the president's brother, James.   Incredibly, Giuliani has said,  the information in the laptop touches the Bidens and speaks of million dollar contracts with  Red China, Ukraine and Russia, and of huge  amounts of money flowing into the coffers of the Bidens, with chunks of cash earmarked specifically for the "Big Guy."

                              Former president Trump has said that the scandal with the Bidens would make Watergate look like child's play, and would make "Crooked Hillary look like an amateur."  Giuliani has said that Joe Biden has been corrupt his entire life, and that the media has always covered for him.                                

                             Is there an explanation somewhere for reports that  $3.5 million dollars were given to Hunter Biden from a former first lady of Moscow?  Republican analysts have said that the money was given as a way of currying favor with his father.  Is that Russian money linked to other activities of Hunter and his Uncle Jim  Biden?  How many of the 129,000 messages on the Biden computer deal with the generous Moscow lady. In a debate in 2020, then Candidate Biden said the big gift to Hunter was fabrication, and he offered no other comment on the matter.  

                             The existence of the computer became known in 2019 after Hunter's laptop had been dropped off at a Delaware computer repair shop, but for unknown reasons was never retrieved by Hunter or by whomever dropped it off. Recognizing that its contents raised national security concerns, the shop merchant contacted Rudy Giuliani whose reputation for honesty and legal acuity was known to him.  

                              Along with having been a New York mayor for eight years during which time he brought safety to New York streets,  Giuliani was a respected lawyer who had served as a gangster-busting U.S. attorney from the Southern District of New York for several years prior to his election as mayor.

                             Giuliani delivered the laptop to the FBI which promised an investigation.  Copies of the incriminating hard drive were given to the New York Post which confirmed the authenticity of messages.  In the fall of 2020, prior to the November Presidential election, it published a series of articles revealing videos and messages which revealed the suspicious activities of the  cocaine addicted Hunter Biden and his global deals with China and other countries which suggested corruption in a variety of ways.  

                              Asked during a 2020 debate about the laptop, Candidate Biden said that it was fabrication and the product of Russian disinformation.  The controlled, pro-Democrat media declined to report news about the laptop and Hunter's messages. It disregarded information provided by Tony Bobulinski, a Hunter Biden partner, who said that Hunter's father was the "Big Guy" and that cash was regularly earmarked for him from contracts. 

                             Bobulinski, a former naval officer, said that Joe Biden attended meetings with his son and was familiar with Hunter's business dealings. Bobulinski said that he personally attended Hunter-arranged  business meetings at which Joe Biden was present. In an interview with Tucker Carlson, Bobulinski  said that President Biden was a "compromised" President, and should not be the nation's leader. 

                             Former Attorney General William Barr has said that "Biden lied" when he said that the laptop was Russian disinformation.  

                           In March of this year, the Washington Post and New York Times suddenly confirmed the authenticity of the Hunter Biden Laptop computer and the accuracy and validity of an undetermined number of videos and messages on the hard drive.  

                          Attorney General Merrick Garland has said that the FBI will do its  job without any political interference. To many, this would be almost as big a surprise as the nation's two leading newspapers making that sudden about-face after years of denying there was any news value in the now infamous laptop.



Monday, April 11, 2022


for fb.jpg                      

                                         BY BILL JUNEAU

                             With the acquiescence of President Biden and his so-called "border czar," Vice President Kamala Harris, immigrants are pouring into Texas cities along the Mexican border at an incredible rate.  Over the first 14 months of the Joe Biden administration, more than 2 million men, women and children have crashed onto American soil,  inspired by Joe Biden's open border philosophy and his signal to "com'on in" 

                             It  has been estimated that the migrants are entering the country at the rate of 5,000 to 10,000 per day.  And more can be expected with the anticipated canceling of Tittle 42 which had been used by the Trump administration to reject asylum claims over  Covid-19 concerns.  

                             In Texas, the sheer number of  immigrants is overwhelming towns and villages, and have prompted  Gov. Greg Abbott to call out the Texas Division of Emergency Management (TDEM) to arrange for the transportation of mulling, homeless migrants to Washington, D.C. 

                             The governor said that converging gate crashers  will be met by state troopers in riot gear and will be directed to buses for the trip to Washington, where the Biden administration can take over.  The president, he said, can provide hands-on attention for the  shelter and sustenance of illegals he is allowing into the country. 

                           Buses can handle about 40 migrants in each, said Gov. Abbott to the applause of Texans.  President Biden's press secretary, Jenn Psaki, said that it is a crime for the governor to kidnap persons and place them on a bus, but reportedly the illegals are pleased to have a seat and to come fact-to-face with the President who has made their covert entry into the USA, with perks, a reality.   

                           Since taking office in January of last year, Biden has simply ignored the border crisis.  In his first State of the Union address (SOTU)  on March 1,  he sought to appeal to citizens concerned about America's wide-open borders and the sneaking in of foreigners by disingenuously calling for securing the borders with Mexico.   

                           In his televised address, he led off with a condemnation of Russia's invasion of the Ukraine, promising that the USA had Ukraine's back, providing the country with money and weapons. Then, endeavoring to display a  patriotic face while reading from his teleprompter, Biden introduced the subject of immigration, and said:

                             "If we are to advance liberty and justice, we need to secure the border and fix the immigration system.---and we can do both.  We can do all of this while keeping the torch of liberty that has led generations of immigrants to this land--my forefathers and so many of yours.........Let's get it done." 

                               The obligation to secure the border belongs to the President of the United States, and to no one else.  President Biden has taken an oath to carry out mandates in the U.S. Constitution, but, upon taking office,  he has done nothing but allow illegal border crossings and unprecedented disorder.  His SOTU words, "Let's Get It Done," had an empty clunk to them.  For him, the border crisis is just  storybook fabrication by his Republican critics.  

                              Surging immigrants are being helped across the Rio Grande river and through bushes and over rocky and sandy clearings by Mexican Cartels and "coyotes"  who sell their services and make millions of dollars. The coyotes also deal in the trafficking of women, and children and have ways of pushing fentanyl, heroin  cocaine and other dangerous drugs into the United States. 

                                 After being bussed to Washington, pregnant migrants will be able to give birth to their babies  and the infants will immediately become full-fledged citizens and their parents and relatives will be able to join them as legal residents and partake of the Biden largess funded by taxpayers.   If by some chance, migrants get redirected by Biden into New York, they will be able to vote in upcoming state elections  and a voter registration will not be required

                                When Gov. Abbott reminded the slow-witted President and his giggling Vice President, Kamala Harris, of the terrible difficulties being caused to the state of Texas, Biden  declined steps to alleviate the mess. as open borders and free stuff  for immigrants is his endorsed policy.  "This is who we are as Americans," says Biden in his familiar horse whisper.  

                                One Texas congressman, a physician who served as the White House doctor to former President Obama, has said that President Biden is cognitively impaired...and "is dangerous."  The Congressman, Ronny Jackson, has urged Biden to submit to an examination to determine if he is mentally able to serve as the nation's 46th President, but as yet, the President has declined to take the test.   

                                Upon taking office in January of last year, Biden immediately canceled all further construction on the Trump wall along the border.  Some 450 miles of the impenetrable wall had been completed during the Trump years in office, and only 50 miles of the wall remained to be built. But Biden ended the construction by executive order and trashed purchased and unused building materials valued at many millions of dollars. 

                              After ending construction of the wall, Biden  appointed Vice President Harris as his border person, and gave his  assurances that the history-making female vice president of color would look over immigration concerns and instill sensible solutions. 

                               Harris reportedly has visited the border on only one occasion.  When asked about the crisis in an interview, the vice president only giggled through a black duck mask she was wearing. She explained that her first step in solving the immigration problem would be to visit Venezuela and other  South American and Mexican cities to determine the "root causes" for the influx of migrants seeking entry into the United States. Apparently, her report is forthcoming.