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                                BY BILL JUNEAU

                                               The incompetent team of President Joe Biden is now declaring that the 20-year war in Afghanistan is finally over and that the drawdown was an "extraordinary success."  Future problems dealing with Afghanistan will now be in the hands of American  and Taliban diplomats sitting at the negotiating table.

                                 Despite the Taliban's recorded track record as a brutal, blood-thirsty regime composed of Islamic terrorists acting in accord with Sharia law, a Taliban spokesman has promised that the tribe is rolling back its unsavory practices and is adopting  a code of civility.  In the future, he has assured the dim, gullible Biden, Afghan citizens' rights will be respected and women will be welcomed in schools; and  Al Qaeda and Isis will be proscribed from hatching any new plans inside Afghanistan to attack the United States and kill Americans. 

                                 So who will be at the diplomatic table?  Secretary of State Antony Blinken confirmed that Taliban representatives are terrorists, and the organization  remains designated as a Global Terrorist regime, but he seems to believe that there will even be "inclusivity" in the government, and he says he takes them at their word until he sees differently.  

                                 The principle Taliban negotiator is the head of the Haqqani Network, which is a savage group responsible for the deaths of thousands. Reportedly, Siraj Haqqani, the son of mad dog killer  Jalaluddin Haqqani, is the current leader of the network. Siraj is considered more extreme than his father who died in 2018.  He maintains close ties with Al-Qaeda criminals who orchestrated the 9-11 attack in New York. The FBI has placed a $5 million bounty on the head of Siraj Haqqani who now has the title of Minister of the Interior.  

                                 Other "diplomats" at the Biden talk-table are four members of the so-called "Taliban Five."  They have been identified as Mullah Noorullah Noori, acting minister of borders and tribal affairs;  Abdul Haq Waist, acting director of  intelligence; Mullah Khairullah Khairkhwa, acting minister of information and broadcasting; and  Mullah Mohammad Fazil, deputy defense minister.  The fifth member is Mohammad Nabi Omari, who has been appointed governor of Khost Province in eastern Afghanistan. 

                                 The five terrorists were released from the Guantanamo prison in 2014 in exchange for the Taliban delivering back to the United States Army Sgt. Beau Berdgahl who had deserted his unit in 2009 and surrendered to the Taliban.  Bergdahl was released  after President Obama okayed the exchange and then welcomed home the traitorous soldier in a Rose Garden reception. The "Taliban Five" returned to the battlefields in Afghanistan. 

                               Former, Congressman,  CIA director and Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, a high-profile Democrat,  cautions the Biden administration that it is unlikely that that tiger will ever change its spots. The Taliban goal is to kill Americans and Panetta said that it is his guess that Afghanistan will again become a safe haven for Al Qaeda and other terrorists plotting future attacks on  American infidels.  

                           Secretary Blinken, 59, was appointed as the country's principle diplomat by President Biden last January.  Recently, he  appeared on consecutive days as a witness before  the House and the Senate Committees on Foreign Affairs which is looking into America's disastrous Afghanistan pullout.

                                    During the committee hearings,  with each senator and congressman given five minutes to comment and ask questions,  Brinken was excoriated by GOP senators and House representatives, and even by some Democrats for his incompetence and the unplanned exit from Afghanistan. 

                                     Sen. John Barrrasso of Wyoming quoted President Biden as saying that the evacuation was an "extraordinary success."  "That statement was," Barrasso asserted, "the lie of the 21st century.  It was dishonest, and anyone believing it has to be delusional."  He noted that Americans with passports have been left behind, along with thousands of friendly Afghanis who sided with the USA during the war years.  Biden's promise to bring home all Americans has gone up in smoke; it was another of his lies, he said.                                      

                                       Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky noted that $64 million in humanitarian relief funds were being sent to Afghanistan and most likely will be pocketed by the Taliban. Will the money ever reach those that are in need?  Blinken said that he had assurances from the Taliban that it will not interfere, and if double dealing is detected the money will be stopped. The secretary acknowledged that the Taliban remains designated as a global terrorist group by the state department.

                                         It was "unforgivable" that Bagram Air Base was abandoned and that the Taliban was able to help themselves to property worth $83 billion dollars, consisting of thousands of vehicles, helicopters, tanks, guns, and GI clothing. Blinken ignored the observation, from Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson, who then asked Blinken, Didn't anyone  in the Biden camp think that "bugging out" might not be such a good idea.  

                                         At one point, the the subject of Afghanistan was sidestepped by Senator James Risch of Ohio who  demanded that Blinken tell him "who is telling Biden what to do."  Who is behind the curtain telling Biden when he can answer a question?  Who cuts off Biden's mike when he does not want him to speak?  Who speaks for him?

                                         The bureaucratic Blinken fidgeted and said that the President speaks for himself and makes the decisions. No one tells him what to do.  I know, he said, as I have been with him for more than 20 years and dealt with him when he was a Senator and then a vice president.  It was all his decision to pull out--period.




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                                           By Bill Juneau  

                                                  The Biden Department of Justice and the ineffective and lackadaisical FBI have done their best to keep the fatal shooting of Ashli Babbitt by a Capitol policeman out of the headlines. That has become the Democrats' game plan now that they are in control: disdain or ignore Republican complaints. With the help of the acquiescent media, it has not been all that hard. 

                                                  The shooting simply needed to be hushed up like a nasty rumor. It contradicted the liberal declaration  that when a policeman shoots someone, it is because the officer is a white supremacist and his victim is an innocent Black.

                                           So in order to make sure that the Babbitt shooting did not undue a summer of Black Lives Matter protests, the identity of the quick-draw policeman was withheld. The excuse given was that he needed to be protected from undeserved scorn and ridicule for "just doing his job as he was trained to do." 

                                                     Leading Democrats and the tethered and malleable main street media reporters were fully on board with the riddance and burial of the Ashli Babbitt shooting  on Jan. 6 when protesters pushed their way into the Capitol building complaining of the invalidity of the Joe Biden election as the nation's 46th President.  The way the popular story goes, if anyone was to blame, it was the protester, Ms. Babbitt, a 35-year-old Air Force veteran who was inspired by the evil Republican President, Donald Trump. 

                                                     All the public needed to know, decreed the Justice department and police officials and Democratic members of  Congress, was that Ms. Babbitt was fatally shot by a policeman who was protecting members of Congress---and doing his job. After ordering the protester to back off, and fearing for his safety and the safety of government officials,  the Capitol officer fired a single shot from his Glock-22, taking down the unarmed woman who died shortly thereafter.  

                                                      Last April, The Justice Department said that the unnamed officer wouldn't be criminally charged in connection with Babbitt's death, and the US Capitol Police said later that he wouldn't face any internal discipline. Their rather sketchy conclusion was based upon what they called a full investigation of the incident and review of records and interviews with witnesses. 

                                                     This has been the Washington posture for the last 8 months since the shooting and riots,  but complaints and questions persisted from citizens and organizations dissatisfied with the story of an anonymous shooter. Finally, after the persistent opposition's  demands reached a crescendo, the D.C. shooter stepped forth and identified himself as Lt. Michael Byrd. On Aug. 27, he was interviewed on NBC by  Lester Holt, a veteran newsman who might be considered a loyal friend to the party in control  these days. 

                                                    Viewers finally learned that Lt. Byrd was an African American and Ashli Babbitt was a white woman, and that the face-off contradicted the Democrats' oft-used narrative of how innocent blacks are always the victims of white cops. 

                                                       In the interview, Byrd, 53,  a Capitol policeman for 28 years, said that the woman he shot was attempting to enter a barricaded room through a broken glass partition. Byrd said he did not regret his actions, though he called firing his weapon a “last resort.”

                                                        “I followed my training, and I spent countless years preparing for such a moment,” he said, noting that to him in that moment Babbitt “was posing a threat” to lawmakers in the House Chamber.

                                                      Terry Roberts, an attorney for the Babbitt family, said that the long interval before the shooter was identified was pure politics.   In an interview, he condemned the US Capitol Police for never publicly naming Byrd, which he said was because Lt. Byrd is black and Ms. Babbitt was white--and unarmed.   

                                                        Byrd had a record of being careless with handling guns and should not have been allowed to carry a pistol, said Roberts.  In February of 2019, Byrd had left his loaded weapon on a counter in a visitor center washroom in the capitol.  The Glock-22 had  no manual safety to prevent unintended firing.  The gun had been found by another policeman, and Lt. Byrd apologized for his absentminded conduct,  but reportedly was never disciplined for the infraction since no one was hurt.   

                                                      Roberts said that Byrd was not justified in killing Babbitt,  because he had no reason to believe the unarmed woman  posed a threat to himself or others. Byrd fired the only shot at the Capitol on January 6, and Babbitt was the only person there killed by gunfire that day.

                                                     "You know, we don’t shoot protesters in this country unless they’re an immediate threat to somebody,” Roberts said

                                                 The lawyer has said that he intends to file a multi-million dollar wrongful death lawsuit against Byrd and the Capitol police.  A lawsuit, with depositions and discovery, could well open up the behind-the-scenes maneuvering to shield the full story of the Babbitt shooting.  




Monday, August 30, 2021



for fb.jpg                    By Bill Juneau 

                        We frequently hear news of former President Obama and of his life and activities in his 11.75 million dollar waterfront  home in Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts. 
                          Barack and his wife, Michelle were not so long ago just ordinary folk with ordinary incomes, but today their combined worth is in the hundreds of millions of dollars, maybe even a billion---and growing. It all came about in a relatively few  years after he became the anointed Democrat hailing from the Windy City of Illinois.  
                           Back in 2016, as he was completing his second term in the White House, I wrote the following profile on Obama and his life and legacy as I saw it.  He was the country's first African American President, notching big space in the history books. Perhaps his White House days are worth remembering.  
                           Barack Obama rose from his work as a "community organizer" in Chicago to become President of the United States.  His mentor was the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, a pastor who preached denunciation of Jews and disdain for America; and his friends included the notorious Bill Ayres who backed him in his run for public offices. Ayres was a radical opponent of the Viet Nam War and organized the underground "Weathermen," an organization which bombed the Capitol building and the Pentagon in Washington in protest of the war.  To this day, Ayres is classified by the FBI as a domestic terrorist.
                            Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley selected the smooth talking, Harvard educated Obama as his water boy, and then backed him in his election as a member of the Illinois Legislature and then as United States Senator. You could say that Obama was "ordained" by the powerful Democratic machine of Chicago.  No other organization in the country carried the clout and power of Chicago Democrats, the organization that pushed John F. Kennedy into the oval office and also backed Jimmy Carter when his prospects appeared minimal. And of course, he had the backing of Chicago-based Minister Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam, who spoke elegantly of Obama and referred to him as a "messiah." 
                             In 2004, as a little-known Illinois senator, Obama delivered the keynote address at the Democratic national convention, and his style and bold passionate delivery garnered for him national attention.  In his speech, he asserted, to heavy applause, that "there is not a liberal America and there is not a conservative America.  There is the United States of America."  Obama was articulate and pleasant looking, and the fact that he was an African American was of strong appeal to a country worn out by its long history of  racial tensions.  It was the beginning for Obama, a man who promised he could help America heal and remove racial animus, and who pledged to move the country forward as a strong and exceptional nation.
                             As a presidential candidate in 2008, he boasted to Americans of his talents and ability to speak with our enemies and to persuade them of our good will.  We will offer a handshake rather than a closed fist, he said.  He told of being a Christian who followed the teachings of Jesus Christ and of his belief in marriage as a union of one man and one woman.  Asked when he believed that life begins, is it at conception?  Obama said that because of his pay grade, he was not equipped to answer that question.
                             And the nation applauded as the first African American was elected President, affirming that racism and slavery days had died and were forever buried.  Life-long Republican and military icon Gen. Colin Powell hailed the Obama election as "historical," and said the nation had elected the right person in these difficult times.
                               But America was hoodwinked.  What Americans wanted and what America got were like day and night.   The new President promptly demonstrated an innate disdain for all conservative values and called for the redistribution of wealth. He promoted a huge increase in spending so that national debt ballooned from the $10.6 trillion at his inauguration to nearly nearly  $19 trillion in 2015.
                              He opened up the food stamp program which now serves 47 million persons. He eviscerated America's military strength to the level of readiness which existed prior to the beginning of World War II.  His comments as to race served to aggravate tensions and he blamed Caucasians and racist policemen for wrongdoing and mistreating and mishandling situations in which Black men were involved.
                                Obama had assured Americans that he was a Christian and a follower of Jesus Christ, yet he has looked the other way at the beheading of religious persons and  declined to call out radical Islam for its savagery and hate.  In fact, this President has declined to even say the words "radical Islam," apparently believing that this characterization of the enemy would somehow offend his Muslim friends, many of whom are in his administration.
                               Biracial Obama had been raised in Indonesia and attended Muslim schools and practiced the religion of his father and his fanatical step father.  He has never explained his "conversion" to Christianity, and 50 million Americans are said to believe that Obama is more Muslim than Christian.  In his travels, Obama has given credence to this belief by bowing to mullahs, and visiting mosques, one of which has close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. He has spoken of his reverence and respect for Islam and the holy month of Ramadan.
                                  One of his closest advisers, Valarie Jarrett, is an outspoken Muslim, as are others in his inner circle of friends. He has endorsed and promoted the appointment of a Muslim woman as a judge and she was sworn into office with her hand on the Koran. 
                                 With control of both the Senate and the House, President Obama pushed through a health care program which has been tagged "Obamacare." Not a single Republican voted in favor of the new program. The President  promised Americans "if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor; and if you like your health care plan which you have, you can keep that plan."  Those declarations were simply not true, and Obamacare drove up the cost of health care premiums and deductibles for millions.  After the bill was passed and the law went into effect, it was acknowledged by Congressmen that no one had ever read the terms of the law.
                                  By what he has said and from decisions he has made, it is abundantly clear that he is incapable of functioning as Commander-in-Chief of the military forces. He has never served as a member of the military, and has never exhibited genuine respect or admiration for men and women who wear the uniform of their country.  He seems to view the cuts to military air power, sea power and man power as a portal to making friends with hostile nations.  Despite continued objections from members of Congress, he is forcing a reduction of defense spending at the rate of $40 billion annually through the year 2022.  He has in fact eviscerated the military so that its manpower and readiness is as it was before the beginning of World War II.
                                  Without any doubt, Israel is America's only genuine friend and ally in the Middle East.  Yet, Obama's  support of the Prime Minister is open to doubt as he seeks to please the theocracy of Iran, a country dedicated to the destruction of Israel and the extermination of all Jews.  Iran has been designated by our state department as a primary supporter of terror in the world, yet Obama has allowed the lifting of all sanctions against the country along with giving its Islamic leaders $150 billion dollars in exchange for that nation's "promise"  to not go forward with the building of atomic bombs for 10 years. It was a very bad deal made in an effort to please Iran, a nation which professes its hatred of America, which it labels, "The Great Satan."
                                    Despite existing laws and the prohibition of negotiating with terrorists, Obama released five mad dog killers from Guantanamo prison in exchange for an American soldier who deserted his unit in Afghanistan  and was willingly captured by the Taliban, America's savage enemy. That soldier is currently awaiting a court marshal trial accused of desertion and misbehavior before the enemy. Obama's National Security Adviser described the soldier on national television as a person who served his country with "honor and distinction."
                                    He has dismissed as "workplace violence" the murder of 13 soldiers by a radicalized army major screaming "Allah is Great" in Fort Hood Texas;  and he has displayed little emotion as Americans were beheaded by Muslim fanatics.  Rather than prepare a plan to defeat the ISIS terrorists, Obama called for "containment" of the radical Islamic organization which he has defined as a JV (junior varsity) group.
                                    He continues to blame the prior administration of President George W. Bush for domestic problems, but he does nothing and recommends nothing for Americans, including African Americans, who are worse economically than in past years.  Seventy-five per cent of African American babies are born to single mothers every year, yet instead  of using his office  and bully pulpit to encourage and strengthen families, he praises same sex marriages and homosexual lifestyle.  He has done a complete turn around on the meaning of "marriage" which he described when he ran for office in 2008 as a "union between one man and one woman."
                                     Obama has said that he would bring about a "fundamental transformation of America,"  and he has certainly worked toward that end. He has made the country worse.  But despite the Obama years, citizens remain optimistic that there will be better days ahead when Obama returns to Chicago's south side streets as a community organizer in January, 2017.  There is hope for a  new president who loves America and believes in it as an exceptional force for good in the world.  
                                     And now it is 2021.   No one believed that any American President would ever be worse than the two faced  Obama.  But now we have the horse whispering "Slow Joe" Biden and he gets the ribbon, and his first score to remember is the Afghanistan debacle.   

Tuesday, August 24, 2021


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                                                       BY BILL JUNEAU                                                                       

                                  With the Afghanistan mess now front and center, all eyes have become focused upon the befuddled President Biden and his feckless policies which have created havoc in that  mountainous country in the Middle East.

                                  His loose thinking has allowed the psychopathic Taliban tribe, with their confiscated American machine guns slung over their shoulders, to again take control of the country and to fly black, red and green flags from the highest towers of the capital city of Kabul.

                                 The national flag of Afghanistan has been relegated to rag status by the radical Islamic Taliban which has ousted the America-backed government.  

                                With the USA's uncoordinated withdrawal, the Taliban quickly stormed over the Democratic government with lightning speed and confiscated a an estimated 350 million items of abandoned American property, valued at about $80 billion dollars.  .  Included were some 600,000 military guns and other weapons; tanks,  drones valued at $200 million, and 75,000 civilian and armored vehicles.  Also discarded and left for the terrorists were 208 Blackhawk helicopters and an abundance of GI clothing which tribal members reportedly have donned;  and many thousands of bottles of water.   

                                             Bedlam is in high gear around the Kabul airport which is being protected by American soldiers.  The facility is the singular exit point for Americans and their allies trying to leave the country by arranged military and commercial airplanes.  Evacuation is difficult as Taliban gunmen  have circled the airport grounds and are deciding who may and who may not enter the protected area.   Those held back may face the murdering Taliban now seeking revenge against Afghanis who sided with the United States. 

                                  Biden has decreed that all is going well and that everyone who wants out of Afghanistan will get out and he has set August 31 as final evacuation day, although he says he may have to extend the exiting deadline. His comments have raised questions as to whether he has been told or knows what is actually happening inside Kabul, and that his leadership is looked upon as dismal and incompetent by NATO allies..    

                                Scholarly lawyer Mark Levin, host of "Life, Liberty & Levin" on Fox News has described President Biden as a "bumbling fool." His recent guest, British Colonel Richard Kemp, widely known and respected in the United Kingdom, deplored the conditions in Afghanistan and in America's leadership.  President Biden, he asserted, "should not be impeached..... he should be court martialed as a Commander-in-Chief who betrayed his country and its armed forces."  

                                   In England, the Houses of Parliament delivered an unprecedented rebuke of Biden and condemned the withdrawal as "shameful" and "catastrophic."                                                                         Perhaps the most powerful and resonating demand for his resignation came from Texas  Congressman Ronny Jackson who served as the White House physician to Presidents Obama and Trump, from 2013 to 2018.  Dr. Jackson has personal knowledge and insight into the acuity of Slow Joe Biden, Obama's vice president for eight years.

                                     In an interview, Dr. Jackson said that Biden is "cognitively impaired and does not know what is going on. Someone else is pulling his strings and his policies concerning the USA withdrawal from Afghanistan have been an absolute disaster. He should resign."  

                                     His G-7 meeting and his summit  with Russia President Putin were embarrassments, but his incompetent handling of the pull out from Afghanistan is more outrageous, said the Republican congressman whose ability as a physician was applauded by President Obama in appointing him  White House  doctor in 2013.  

                                  Congressman Jackson, 54, is a retired Rear Admiral who served in the navy for 23 years, with the final six as doctor to the Democratic and Republican presidents.  In the course of his military career, he became "board certified" in emergency care and earned many medals and commendations.  He was also the doctor to Navy Seal divers and holds credentials as a parachutist. He was elected a Republican representative from Texas in 2020. 

                                   In June, Rep. Jackson sent a letter to President Biden requesting him to take a "cognitive examination" and allow the findings to be reported to Americans.  Thirteen other congressmen joined him as signatories. 

                                  President Biden has ignored the letter and the media has circled the wagons around him. In the rare opportunities given newsmen to ask questions, virtually none have dealt with the Jackson letter, or the concern from members of Congress that he (Biden) appeared to be mentally unbalanced.   More common are questions about Biden's favorite ice cream or whether and how long masks need to be worn.  

                                    The media is no longer the tough interrogator of past days as when its newsmen dogged President Trump and demanded that he undergo a "cognitive examination." It was designed to humiliate him, but Trump tipped the tables. He took the test and achieved a perfect score.  Other records made public credit Trump with having a gifted intelligence quotient (IQ) of 159.  Biden's IQ is unknown, but many observers theorize that it is very, very low.  

                                    While most Americans agree that it was time for America's withdrawal from Afghanistan, Biden failed to plan for the exit and for the protection of all citizens and Afghanis who had sided with the USA.

                                   Reportedly, the Taliban has been joined by Al Qaeda and it is feared that the country has again become a haven for Islamic extremists plotting new attacks on the United States. President Biden has said that he may extend the announced evacuation deadline beyond  August 31, but the Taliban has threatened that any extension will "bring consequences."                                                   



Friday, August 13, 2021


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                                                               BY BILL JUNEAU

                                                      There was no holding on for Gov. Andrew Cuomo after his army of supporters and the elite in the Democratic party called for his resignation.  And the tethered media raised its sword and said he had to go. Cuomo didn't have a friend anywhere, except for his brother Christopher, a mouthy pundit at the liberal CNN, but he was helpless to make the problems go away. 

                                           But in the final segment of the whole sordid episode, it was Joe Biden, the hair sniffing, child pinching and skirt chasing 46th  President, who administered the final clubbing to the 63-year-old, three-term governor of New York.  And in the end, Cuomo said goodbye and was left to consider what to do with the  $18 million in his campaign chest, and how he might access the money.                     

                                    Realistically, it was near impossible for the  bull-headed Cuomo to survive the "me-too" pummeling he was taking from the Attorney General of  New York and complaints from eleven women, some of them Cuomo employees, who told how the governor hit on them in a most egregious and sexual way.  Forgiveness for that conduct, even in today's gummy, close circle of Democrats, was not in the playbook.  

                                           Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, Cuomo's  New York political brother, and the aged Nancy Pelosi, the House Speaker who reportedly has a soft spot for Italians, called for his resignation for his sexual misconduct and also for his mismanaging of elderly victims of the Covid 19 virus, many of whom died as a result of his alleged incompetence.  

                                           The pugilistic Cuomo might well have resigned and called it quits after the AG's ad hoc commission saw him as a culpable sexual predator, but Cuomo still had a long shot hope of staying in the big mansion, holding on to the reins of power.  In his defense he had offered photos of his hugging men, women and children of all ages and sex and race, together with a statement that he had never in his life touched a woman inappropriately  and that the comments that he made about feminine looks and appearances were grossly misinterpreted.  

                                           As is done in many countries, including Italy where his ancestors hailed from, he said that kissing and hugging are signs of genuine affection and brotherly love, and should never be misconstrued as sexual misadventure on his part. 

                                            And so, behind the curtains, despite all the yells and hollers, Gov. Cuomo apparently clung to an iota of hope that the Big Dog in Washington,  President Biden, would take pity on him.  Biden's sexual conduct, he knew, had been much worse than his own, and the slow witted  Biden always managed to skate free of any accountability.  He hoped that Biden would explain that his alleged breast grabbing and back rubbing be deemed questionable or outright fabrication, and that it would simply not be fair to demand his resignation.  But that was not to be, and Biden pushed him under the bus.  

                                              When Biden was asked by the media if Gov. Cuomo should resign, he replied, hesitantly, and in his usual  guttural, horse-whisper, that  "Yes," he should resign, and perhaps ever be prosecuted. The President's pronouncement became a lead story in virtually every newspaper in the country; and was the main read on hundreds of TV stations. There was no redemption or turning back for Cuomo. 

                                              Shortly thereafter, Governor Cuomo announced that he was resigning and that his exit would be effective in 14 days, --on the 25th of August.  His promised that he would assist in the transition of authority to Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul  who  will take his place. 

                                             It was particularly ironic and backhanded that the decisive blow came from Biden who had been a skirt chaser and sexual cowboy during his many years in government as a U.S. Senator from Delaware and as a Vice President.  At least eight women had complained of being embarrassed and sexually harassed by him as he sniffed their hair and rubbed foreheads and noses with them.  One teen ager said that Biden had pinched her nipple when she was eight years old and had met the Vice President while attending a political rally with her father.  

                                               He was also accused of assaulting and pawing Ms. Tara Reade, who worked in his senatorial office in 1993.   Ms. Reade had told the New York Times that Biden assaulted her in a dark corridor in the Capitol building.  She said that he  drove his hand under her cream-colored blouse and then into her  pants and penetrated her, while whispering, "Hey, man, I thought you liked me."   

                                              Biden denied the Reade accusation and Nancy Pelosi said that she was satisfied that it was not true.  The Democratic motto that "all women are to be believed" was quickly dismissed. 

                                             When Ms. Reade's story of Biden's assault on her was reported, the befuddled  Biden was a candidate for President seeking to unseat the hated Donald Trump who had already overcome Democrat efforts to impeach him and had remained popular with Republicans and even some Democrats.  Any public criticism of Slow Joe Biden and his sexual proclivities could only  benefit the incumbent president. As a result, the Reade complaint, along with those from seven other women, was simply ignored by a complicit media which detested President Trump and took their marching orders from powerful Democrats.




Friday, July 30, 2021


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                                   BY BILL JUNEAU

                                   Along with the on-and-off mandates about wearing one or two masks or none at all, there is some fiery rhetoric being exchanged between U.S. Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky and the veteran government immunologist, Dr. Anthony Fauci, adviser to President Biden.  

                                   Sen.  Paul says that Fauci lied in testimony before Congress and should be fired and prosecuted.  The 80-year-old Fauci,  head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases who is regarded by the left wing as a candidate for sainthood, says Paul's charges are absurd and that Paul has no idea of what he is talking about, and that if anyone has told lies, it is Sen. Paul. 

                                    The Paul-Fauci clash is all about Chinese bats and research in the mysterious Wuhan Laboratory in Red China where Americans are regarded as inferior to Chinese super thinkers.  Apparently Fauci is in awe of the Chinese and he authorized a contribution of some $600,000 to the lab, and its scientists managed, accidentally or intentionally, to unleash the deadly virus known as Covid-19 on the planet.                            

                                     There are real questions surrounding the investigation into the deadly Covid-19 virus and its origin which points squarely to the Wuhan laboratories and its controversial research involving a species of Asian bats, the only mammals known to man that can fly on its own, and which possesses similarities to humans in internal functions. 

                                     Supposedly, the bat was a Chinese instrument used to test the transmissibility of the virus to humans and somehow the invisible killer escaped into the atmosphere and made its way around the world, killing more than 4 million persons, including 600,000 in the United States. And that is what happened, said Paul, a medical doctor who was a practicing ophthalmologist prior to election 10 years ago to the Senate.   

                                     So what is going on now, and what has gone on in the Wuhan laboratory where "brilliant" chemists were testing and weighing and analyzing substances in a maze of glass cylinders with tables containing test tubes and petri dishes and vials with colorful liquids being heated by Bunsen burners. The alleged Wuhan activities bring to mind visions of the incredible Frankenstein laboratory where a demented scientist in a white lab coat bustled about as thick white smoke emerged from boiling liquids and black bats hung from the ceilings watching and waiting.     

                                    Sen. Paul is charging that Dr. Fauci was a tool of the Chinese and directed some $600,000 to their  lab and with his knowledge permitted research with bats known as "gain of function."  America under President Obama put a stop to such "gain of function" research in 2014 because of controversies surrounding the danger of its use. 

                                      Recently, the Senate Health Commission held a hearing as a means of updating the senators on the pandemic and progress combating it and the viability of the new vaccines.  Dr. Fauci, who has been around for nearly a half century as a government immunologist and is presently the personal adviser to President Biden, was the key witness and Sen. Paul, like Fauci,  a medical doctor, tore into the veteran disease control physician, whose allegiance to the Democratic party is worn on his sleeve.  

                                     "Are you aware that it is a serious crime to lie to Congress?" Paul demanded of Fauci.  "Are you willing to retract what you have said?" 

                                      Paul was referring to Fauci's May 11 testimony before Congress in which he denied that Wuhan scientists had used "gain of function" research  with dollars provided by American taxpayers, and which has lead to a planet full of deaths and destruction. 

                                      "Gain-of- Function" was never used, asserted  Fauci and he said that he would not retract any previous statements which he has made.  I want to say officially, that "you do not know what you are talking about. 

                                      Shortly thereafter, Sen. Paul  appeared on the Hannity TV show and said that he was sending a letter to the DOJ  (Department of Justice) with his referral that there be a prosecution of Dr. Fauci for his criminal conduct in allowing "gain-of-function" research and for his lying to congress about it.  Such prevarication, said Sen. Paul, is a felony punishable by incarceration in prison. 

                                     Supposedly, pursuant to an order from President Biden, investigation is currently underway to determine the origins of the virus and the role of the Wuhan laboratory.  The upshot of the investigation is anyone's guess since truthful testimony and cooperation from Communist China is unlikely. 

                                    With Fauci sitting as the lead American immunologist, and adviser to the President, any investigation by the DOJ under Atty. Gen. Garland into the conduct of Dr. Fauci, is very doubtful.  In the end, all there will be is the strong belief that Wuhan messed up and and that their massive faux pas sent disaster onto the planet. 

                                     For certain, one question will always be around.  Why did America send taxpayer money to scientists at Wuhan to aid in Chinese  research projects?





Friday, July 16, 2021



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                                                       BY BILL JUNEAU    

                            Twelve years ago,  Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan exploded in Islamic rage and killed 13 persons and wounded 32 others in a meeting room at Fort Hood in Texas.  Hasan was expressing his anger over his coming deployment to the Middle East as a combat physician.  The carnage qualified as the worst mass murder on an army base in United States history. 

                             It took nearly four years to bring Hasan to trial and he was convicted after a court marshal and trial on August 13, 2013.   A  few weeks later,  he was sentenced to death for the premediated murders of 12 soldier and and one civilian and the attempted murders of his other victims. The jury, composed of 13 army officers, was unanimous in fixing the maximum punishment. 

                             With pride, Hasan admitted his role as the shooter in a brief statement to the jury.  He declined representation by legal counsel and offered no defense, remorse or misgivings at the trial which went on for 22 days..   In other comments outside court, he said that he was protecting the Taliban against Americans and that his death, in accord with Islamic  doctrine, would allow him to achieve the status of "martyr" and to receive special rewards in the hereafter.   

                              Tried in a military court marshal, his case called for "mandatory appeals" as set forth in the Code of Military Justice.  For the past eight years, reportedly, these appeals have been underway, somewhere and in some fashion  and at some level. It is all kind of mysterious, because simply put, there is no basis for any appeal since there are no arguable issues.  The defendant admits his culpability without reservation and and wishes the sentence of the court to be carried out.  

                              Very likely, "mandatory appeals" became a part of the military justice code to protect against the possibility that a sentence was out of line or that the defendant was actually not guilty of any wrongdoing. It was never intended to delay the sentence of the court for years and possibly decades for no articulated reason and certainly not in the case of a confessed killer with a clear motive to kill and whose carnage was witnessed by scores.  

                        "Mandatory Appeals" have been in motion for Dr. Hasan now for eight years.  Further delay is illogical and even absurd, and that, I believe,  is the opinion of many lawyers-- and I am one.

                                     Hasan was an army psychiatrist, trained as a physician at government expense. He was the American born son of Palestinian immigrants. During his many years as a soldier, his conduct and writings raised concerns as to his loyalty to the United States, as he maintained a steady correspondence with radical clerics in the Middle east. Nevertheless, FBI reviewers of his writings and statements, following complaints about his conduct, determined that he was not dangerous

                             On the morning of November 5, 2009, Major Hasan loaded his pistol and checked into a meeting with others soldiers and civilians anticipating deployment to the Middle East.  

                                     At the meeting Hasan drew his pistol and began firing bullets at unsuspecting soldiers while screaming "Allahu Akbar, "the Arabic phrase for "Allah is great."  Other soldiers in the hall quickly responded with gunfire and in seconds  took down the 37-year old doctor with wounds which have rendered him a paraplegic.   Currently, he is on death row at Fort Leavenworth in Kansas.                            

                                   At the close of his Court Marshal, Prosecutor Mike  Mulligan, an army colonel, told the jury of Hasan's hate for Americans and his warped desire to become a "martyr" for Islam. 

                               Hasan will "never be a martyr" asserted Mulligan. "He is a criminal. He is a cold-blooded murderer. This is not his gift to God. This is his debt to society. This is the cost of his murderous rampage."                                

                           Yes, America's military justice system is careful.  Nevertheless, sufficient time has passed and further delay of the Hasan execution is unnecessary, unreasonable and illogical.  The order of the court is long over due and distressed families of his victims are asking for closure, and an end to Hasan.